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What's this all about then?
I like Catullus's poetry. Wanting to get a deeper appreciation of it, I set up this site. I've finished keying in the poems, which was more work than I had thought. Why on earth would I key them in instead of using cut and paste? To get a more direct experience. Or as direct as one can get while hammering away at a computer.

If you look at Catullus 101, in English or Latin, you might get a better sense of what my full vision of the project is. Because this is a hobby and not my full-time job, there will be some idiosyncrasies and fits-and-starts in the action. Since this project is first for me, I'll work on the Latin side more fully than the English side for now. Don't worry, I do plan on catching up.

Hopefully my vision of the project appeals to you. If not, I'll have accomplished what I wanted anyway.

Why so slow?
Well, I've been busy with school (nearly done! yes!), and that took top shelf in terms of non-essential tasks. I could have just copy-and-pasted all of this in, but I keyed the poems in by hand. Now I'm in the process of adding lexical help, entirely in Latin, to each poem. That is also slow work. I'm also going to do all of the movies, which of course will take more time. But by the end, I'll have a solid handle on Catullus.

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